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No long waiting period. Donations are deposited into your account within one to two business days.

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No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees.

Funding for any situation.

Care.Gives Emergency

Life Happens.
Dealing with the unexpected.

Sometimes life comes at you fast and you may not be prepared. Care.Gives allows you to create a donation page to help meet immediate needs for you or your loved ones.

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Care.Gives Cause

Raise Money.
Fund your campaign, organization or cause.

Want a donation page but don't want to worry about hosting and domain names? Care.Gives allows you to share information about your organization like your mission, vision, etc. to tell your story.

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Share, Share, Share

Giving for Churches.
Tithes and Offering.

Need a web presence on a tight budget? Create a donation page for your church or ministry that's easy to use and free!

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Care.Gives Cause

Get Help.
Whatever the cause.

Great for emergencies, medical situations, tuition, business startups, travel, churches, political campaigns, memorials, community, events, etc.

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